Hafjell ski school

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In Hafjell Skischool we offer instruction on all levels, from 3 yrs old in alpine skiing, snowboard, telemark, cross country and park.
We also have special products like theme clinics and Ladies clinic.
All our instructors are well educated and we attach great importance in further education internally throughout the season.

In these times with Covid-19 we are planning the ski school after all precautions from the Authorities. We use all of our competencies so we can give all a great time in the ski school in a safe and joyful way.

We do this by e.g. by number of guests in the groups, choice of instructions, exercises and games, no physical contact, limited number of children when we go into the ski school house and warm our feet, no drinks or biscuits. Only one adult can follow the child to the ski school gathering and each group have their own instructor.


Rules for Refund/Cancellation due to Covid-19

* Full refund of paid ski school if Hafjell closes or Norway becomes a "red" country (no matter how many days there is to arrival date)

* If Norway becomes a "red" country while you are here the days that have not been "used" will be refunded

*If your arrival country becomes "red" while you are in Hafjell and you decided yourself to terminate your stay no refund is made

Our usual Refund Policy

*If you choose yourself not to come to Hafjell because of Corona or if you want to cancel of other reasons not related to Covid-19
*10-day quarantine in Norway at the moment 

- If canceled up to the day before the start of the lesson, the full amount will be refunded minus a fee of NOK 195.
-If canceled on the same day, a doctor's certificate is required for reimbursement, minus a fee of NOK 195